A Creative Kick In the Pants

Our interactive column Creative Spark was developed for all those times when we find ourselves settled into creative inertia. In each issue, an artist shares a few thoughts on art-making that serve to fire up ideas and solutions. And then, there’s an assignment, a creative prompt or a creative kick-in-the-pants, if you will, to inspire us to head back to the easel and get to work. Also motivating is the fact that everyone who responds to the assignment has a chance to win valuable pastel materials!

We’ve recently created a Creative Spark “hub” on our website. Visit the hub to see all the current and past winners, or to find out details of the latest Creative Spark challenge , which this month is offered by artist Cheri Dunnigan, whose pastel Carpineto (left; 14×11) speaks to her experience “grappling with grays.”

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