Art Journey New Mexico

The new book Art Journey New Mexico: 104 Painters’ Perspectives (North Light Books, 2009), from the editors of The Collector’s Guide, is a beautiful, hardcover collection of contemporary art of the Southwest. And it’s one of those gorgeous books that feels good to hold (it’s 224 pages!) and is a joy to peruse. When I first saw one of the early copies, I got so excited about it that I asked my friend, Kevin Paul, one of the editors, to share the story behind the book:

Art Journey New Mexico: Painters’ Perspectives, as the title suggests, focuses on living artists, actively working in New Mexico today. There’s no denying that something about the place is a tremendous draw for artists. The Collector’s Guide, our annual guide to art in New Mexico, features an index of roughly 7,000 working artists showing in some 350 galleries. 

To produce this book, we had the mixed blessing of choosing merely 104 of them. And in three days! Our editorial team of three brainstormed a preliminary list of 500 and from there we whittled it down to the requisite number. These 104 artists then had to give us three representative images, from which we chose the final image for the book.  Each artist also answered a series of questions designed to give readers an insightful look at their inspirations and working processes.  

This is the first in a series of books that will focus on the artists of New Mexico. Future themes include sculpture, photography, fine art craft and multi-media works.

Take a look inside the pages of Art Journey New Mexico at And if you’re interested in a copy, it’s on sale now for $32.99 (a $12 savings off the regular retail price).

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