Art-Smarts Quiz #11

Pop music and art have many ties, as you’ll soon see. These brainteasers will test your knowledge of those connections. The first 12 questions are worth a point each, and the bonus gets you three points, so a perfect score is 15.

1. What British pop star not only sang about Andy Warhol but also played him in an early Julian Schnabel film?

2. Warhol loved the company of musicians, and even briefly managed what New York rock band fronted by Lou Reed?

3. Warhol also hung around with another rock group for whom he designed several album covers, including one featuring a functioning zipper. What band was that?

4. Val Kilmer played Willem de Kooning in Pollock, but he’s best known for his portrayal of what pop legend?

5. Don McLean served up “American Pie” and another song about what ill-fated Dutch artist?

6. What former Beatle is an accomplished abstract painter and was once a friend of de Kooning?

7. John Lennon wed what avant-garde artist, who sang on several of his solo albums?

8. This man is best known for “Brown Eyed Girl,” but he also sang about Rembrandt in “The Great Deception.” Who is he?

9. What recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is also becoming known for his drawings (and sang about the same Chelsea Hotel in which Warhol shot a famous film)?

10. Which singer had a cult hit with “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport,” later becoming Britain’s highest-rated TV artist?

11. Bob Dylan likes to dabble a bit, too, and created the art for several of his album covers, one featuring an image of himself. What’s the name of that album?

12. He was in a duo with a man named Art, but it was as a solo performer that he recorded a song about Rene Magritte. Who is he?

BONUS: What Rock and Roll Hall of Famer painted an image of herself as an ailing Vincent van Gogh for one of her album covers?

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