Art-Smarts Quiz #12

Men tend to get a lot of the attention in the art world, but it would be a much poorer place without the contributions of women. These 12 questions—plus a bonus—will test your knowledge of women in art. The first 12 questions are worth a point each, and the bonus gets you three points, so a perfect score is 15.

1. She’s best known for her desert landscapes, but also for her flowers. Can you name her?

2. What British artist is famous for her op art?

3. What Pittsburgh-born Impressionist sat for Degas?

4. Can you name the Mexican artist who overcame polio and later a horrendous traffic accident?

5. What folk artist began her career late in life?

6. Which young British artist is best known for an installation that featured her unmade bed?

7. Arrangement in Grey and Black is a portrait of whose mother?

8. She took a back seat to husband Jackson Pollock for years before finally getting her due. Who’s she?

9. What celebrated British sculptor perished in a fire at her studio in St. Ives, England?

10. Salvador Dalí’s wife—who was also his muse and his agent—was the subject of many of his greatest works. Can you name her?

11. German-Swiss surrealist Meret Oppenheim achieved fame for a single work you can see at MOMA in New York. Can you describe it?

12. Who was the patron-dealer briefly wed to surrealist Max Ernst who also furthered the careers of many leading abstract expressionists?

BONUS: Parker Posey played what noted New York art dealer in Julian Schnabel’s Basquiat?

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