Answers to Art-Smarts Quiz #2

Click on the links to see the works of art.

1. The right hand is atop the left.
See Mona Lisa.

2. Four.
See The Vitruvian Man.

3. He’s holding a small stone in one hand and a sling in the other.
See David.

4. The left hand, index finger.
See The Creation of Adam.

5. Several fingers and the thumb.
See American Gothic.

6. Vincent Van Gogh.
See Vincent Van Gogh.

7. Her flowing hair.
See Birth of Venus.

8. She has five.
See Snow White.

9. A gun.
See Flaming Star.

10. A paint brush.
See Las Meninas.

11. Supporting his head, which rests on it.
See Dr. Gachet.

12. A French flag.
See Liberty Leading the People.

BONUS: She holds a trombone and a book.
See The Art of Painting.

Hope you enjoyed our quiz!

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