Art Tip File: It’s Better to Use Sharp Drawing Tools

Keep Drawing Tools Sharp

An art tip from Sadie J. Valeri.

“Work with only very sharp pencils because a sharp point gets the pigment deep into the crevices of the paper and creates a smooth, even surface. A blunt tool leaves too much texture because it skims over the the tooth of the paper.  Sharpen your charcoal pencil first with a knife to cut away the wood, and then rub the point on sandpaper, turning it constantly, to create a needle-sharp point. Be careful not to break the pencil while sharpening; this can take some practice! Sometimes pencil leads are broken every inch or so inside the pencil. These pencils were probably dropped and are impossible to sharpen, so it’s better to start with a new pencil. To sharpen vine charcoal, just rub it on sandpaper to create a point.” ~ Sadie J. Valeri from the June 2012 issue (Drawing Board | “Drawing the Figure, Part 2”).

sketch to emphasixe importance of using sharp pencils

Sadie J. Valeri, sketch






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