Artist Website of the Week: Catherin McMillan

McMillan.jpgAnimal lover Catherin McMillan is a pastel artist who specializes in pet and wildlife portraits. On her site,, you’ll find a gallery of the Australian artist’s work, limited edition prints and a blog with her pet portrait diary.

“Whilst I have worked in a variety of mediums I always seem to come back to pastels,” she says on the site. “I love the look and feel of this wonderful medium.

“My artwork has always reflected my love of animals. Drawing animals is what my husband calls my passion.”

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One thought on “Artist Website of the Week: Catherin McMillan

  1. Tinker

    Good for you Catherin! How great to see one of the Art Helping Animals Artists on this page! I was zooming through and recognized your work immediately!
    Thanks to Jessica for posting one of our group!