Some Artists Are Made, Some Artists Are Born

I’ve read that when an adult isn’t sure of what her (or his) true passion is, it’s helpful to think back to when she was a child, and to recall what her favorite hobbies were. Sometimes our first loves get lost as we grow up and lose our naive delight in certain activities. This comes to mind because recently I experienced a situation that all parents can relate to: crime and punishment.

The Brooklyn Bridge by Ed Rosner, whose work is featured in Drawing (Summer 2013)

The Brooklyn Bridge (marker and digital coloring) by Ed Rosner,whose work is featured in Drawing (Summer 2013)

It wasn’t quite a crime, but my 8-year-old refused to do his homework. It was during that small window of time that we have to get it done–after school and before a karate class–and I stressed that unfinished homework meant no karate. His stubborn attitude got him sent to his bedroom, where he sat without video games, while in a dojo his peers got to practice kicks and combinations.

But this blog is for artists, right? I’m getting there…don’t worry. You see, after he was allowed to come back downstairs and had time to recover from losing the power struggle, he did two things: he asked me to help him with his homework (which I gladly did), and he showed me a drawing he had made while he was in his room. This latter action made me even happier than the first because I knew years ago that he was an artist, before he knew, when I began to realize that he creates not just pictures, but art. Not that long ago he said he wasn’t good at drawing, and it broke my heart. But we all can relate to the ups and downs of creativity–no matter how old we are. He can deny it all he wants, but I know the reality.

When did you, dear reader, realize that you were an artist? Perhaps your own parents saw the light before you did, and encouraged it to shine. Drawing is empowering, and that’s why I think it’s important to nourish one’s talents and hobbies. Drawing magazine does just that–each issue offers inspiration and educational articles about artists and techniques. It’s sure to make you want to let go of the computer mouse (or put down your digital reader) and pick up a pen or pencil.

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