Beware of Artist | A Fun (and free) Pumpkin Carving Template

Here at Artist’s Network, we love to have fun just as much as we love to draw, paint, and create art. And even better, we like to have fun with art! So, we dreamed up something fun to incorporate into our favorite spooky holiday, that shows off just how much we love to be creative.

pumpkin carving template for artists

Enter the humble pumpkin.

That smooth surface just begs to be carved into cool shapes. We took an artistic twist on the world of pumpkin carving and came up with some fun designs to share with all our creative friends.

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We just couldn’t resist warning others of our artistic tendencies with this template. We have paint brushes and we know how to use them. Be sure you share all your finished pumpkins from these designs and your own on our Facebook page! ~Tiffany

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