Bonus Articles from the September 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine

The Artist’s Magazine celebrates the creative life and the creative act, the artist as well as the art, by showcasing the best work—in all media and in all styles—of the best artists working today. In the following bonus articles from our September 2012 issue, learn from our complete guide to painting with oil, using a palette knife, some of our favorite figure paintings and more.

Letter from the Editor:

Working as an artist’s model, Anne Kubitsky got in touch with her dream of making art, a dream she’d suppressed after surviving an assault. About a year ago, she began leaving stamped postcards in cafés with a simple prompt: “Send me a glimmer of gladness.” Soon cascades of cards were filling her mailbox—each a work of art; each a message of reconciliation. She shares her story in this month’s Artist’s Life.

Chris, Holly, Cherie, Brian, Sarah, Emily and I are grateful for many gifts, as well; we intend to make our own cards and we invite you to join us. Send us your expressions of gratitude; we’ll showcase them on our ArtistsNetwork site and on our Facebook pages and then send them to Anne so that they’ll become part of her celebratory exhibition.

In this issue, too, you’ll find Michael Chesley Johnson’s complete guide to oil (“Oil Painting Primer”); Joe Bucci’s instruction on the attributes of color (“Color & Context”), and Rob Anderson’s mastery of analytical composition and painterly effects (“An Artist's Magazine, Art Magazine, Fine Art InstructionUnderlying Structure”). Deborah Quinn-Munson shows you all the ways you can use a painting knife (Brushing Up), and five of the best artists working today—Juliette Aristides, Mary Beth McKenzie, Anthony Ryder, Costa Vavagiakis and Sharon Sprung (that’s her beautiful Zeli on the cover)—explain why they’re committed to painting the nude from life (“Back to the Garden”). Talking to these thoughtful artists reminded me of what Michelangelo, no stranger to suffering, asked toward the end of his life: “What spirit is so empty and blind that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?” —Maureen Bloomfield

Browse these bonus online articles about art from the September 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

Step-by-Step Instruction in Watercolor
Read the full-length explanation of how feature artist Chris Beck starts with a pencil drawing and ends with watercolor glazes for Dippy Duck 2.

More Paintings and Drawings of the Figure
Juliette Aristides, Sharon Sprung, Anthony Ryder, Mary Beth McKenzie and Costa Vavagiakis share more pictures of the nude.

Watercolor Tips
Ask the Experts author James Toogood gives advice on lifting watercolor as he paints clouds.

Annual Competition Finalist: Artist of the Month
Take a look at the evocative work of one our talented finalists from our 2011 Annual Art Competition.

Artist’s Life: Look for the Good
• Send your “Look for the Good” postcards to The Artist’s Magazine by September 30, 2012. We’ll include them here in a video/slide show and will choose one to be published in a future issue. Simply create a postcard-sized “glimmer of gladness” and mail it to us: The Artist’s Magazine, 10151 Carver Rd, Suite 200, Blue Ash, OH 45242
To see what other people have shared, visit the following: and

Rob Anderson | An Underlying Structure
• Rob Anderson depicts the solitary figure in an analytically constructed but painterly space; (see his work in this issue of The Artist’s Magazine). Vincent van Gogh’s Painter on the Road to Tarascon was inspiration for one of Anderson’s paintings; see the van Gogh piece here.

Free Previews of Instructional Videos by Sharon Sprung and Costa Vavagiakis
Costa Vavagiakis, “Drawing a Portrait From Life” and Drawing the Nude From Life”
Sharon Sprung, “Understanding Values in Skin Tones” and “Painting Facial Features”

Seeking Supplies
What’s the newest product you’ve discovered that others should know about? Tell us! If we use your suggestion for our Supply Cabinet column, you’ll get a free one-year subscription to The Artist’s Magazine.

Competition Spotlight
View the winning paintings of the 28th Annual Art Competition.

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