Creative Gift

SKB_1205_300.jpgThe topic of gifts is certainly a popular one at this time of year, but I wanted to talk about creative gifts—as in talents—not creative gifts as in “clocky,” the alarm clock that has wheels so it can roll off your dresser and come at you if you don’t get up. Yes, I can see that clocky might be a helpful thing for me, especially on these dark, winter mornings, but even more helpful would be anything that exercises my creative muscles. Before it ceased publication in 2006, Artist’s Sketchbook magazine was just such a ready supply of creative inspiration. Fortunately, the latest CD compilation at the F+W magazine store is Artist’s Sketchbook 2005 and 2006 which includes nine issues of the magazine, all on a single CD for your computer.

As a former editor of that magazine, I
have a soft spot for the publication and its mission to help new and
experienced artists alike discover and nurture their creative powers. Sketchbook
articles celebrate the artistic process with exercises to keep artists in the
flow and peeks inside real sketchbooks—the universal tool for artists. The June
issue of Artist’s Sketchbook, which includes features on
nature sketchbooks, travel journals, drawing portraits, painting to
music, and getting the most out of a trip to the Musee d’Orsay in
Paris—was the last. So, if you never happened on to this little gem,
now’s a great chance to see what you missed.

You’ll also find at the store CD compilations of our sister publications, Watercolor Artist and The Artist’s Magazine. And don’t worry, similar compilations of The Pastel Journal are in the works for 2008 (we’ll be sure to alert you). Meanwhile, you can find excerpts from The Pastel Journal on the CD “The Best Art of 2005 and 2006,”
which compiles more than 500 images, all the winning art from the competitions of all three
fine art publications. The CDs are easily searched, easily stored and perfectly portable. How fun to
think you could stuff more than 500 works of art into a single
stocking? That’s a creative gift that can actually inspire our creative gifts!

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