Creativity on a Budget

Sure, you’d like to be more creative—but sometimes your wallet just doesn’t agree with you. Art supplies can become a major investment, and sometimes the price of starting an art hobby is more than you can afford. But what if you could spend less than $5 and walk out of an art store with all the materials you need for a new project? What if it didn’t cost anything at all? I recently sent myself on a mission to find projects that produce great results with little cost. Here are a few already-assembled projects that will help you incorporate creativity into your everyday life, without having to become a starving artist.

Send your friends homemade postcards from an imaginary vacation spot

  • Dick Blick Pointed Scholastic Round Watercolor Brush (No. 4), $6.75.
  • Hake Flat Wash Brush (1 inch), $1.55.
  • Yarka Student Pan Watercolor Set (10-color set), $2.59.
  • Strathmore Blank Cards, Palm Beach White (no deckle, box of 10), $4.80.
  • Pigma Micron Pen (size 01, 0.25mm), $2.69.

Total: $18.38

Make a book worth filling with your thoughts

  • Dick Blick Blank Book Journal Kit, $17.50.
  • Gelly Roll Metallic Dark Marker Set (six-pack), $6.45

Total: $23.95

Paint a still life using objects from around the house

  • Reeves Acrylic Painting Set (12, 4-ounce tubes), $6.95.
  • Alvin Oval Plastic Palette, (seven-well palette), $1.90.
  • Genesis Gesso (4-ounce jar), $6.69.
  • Masterpiece Vincent Masterwrap Canvas (6×12), $7.30.
  • Princeton Acrylic Set Natural Bristle (round No. 2, flat No. 4, filbert No. 4 and bright No. 64 brushes), $5.99.

Total: $28.83

Jennifer Ball is an assistant editor for The Artist’s Magazine

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