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Watercolor Artist Creativity Workshop

Swamp (watercolor and luminescent watercolor on bristol board, 9x9) by Deena S. Ball

Swamp (watercolor and luminescent watercolor on bristol board, 9×9) by Deena S. Ball























by Deena S. Ball

I’m constantly exploring different ways to exploit the magical beauty of watercolors. By letting the paints run, puddle and interact, wonderful effects just naturally occur. As I let them flow, certain colors granulate, resulting in unique color combinations.

To amp up this natural texturizing process, I build a rough surface full of hills and valleys made with everyday tools, creating areas for rivulets of color to run and pool. It’s the surprising effects of paint flowing over a textured surface—further accented by luminescent watercolor highlights—that keep me returning to this stunning combination of texture and luminosity.


Create your own “homemade” textured surface and accent it with luminescent colors for a painting that dazzles and shines. Send a JPG (with a resolution of 72 dpi) of your painting to with “Creativity Workshop” in the subject line and tell us about your process. The “editor’s choice” will receive a copy of Watercolor Unleashed by Julie Gilbert Pollard (North Light Books, 2013). The deadline for entry is August 15.

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