Creativity Workshop: Mix and Match

Some of the textures in Party Papers and Red Circles (watercolor on paper, 22×30) were achieved with white gouache, which Carol Z. Brody sprayed through various screens and doilies to brighten a painting that had become too dark. It was a departure from her usual way of working.

As artists, many of us experiment in various mediums until we find the one that finally captures our hearts and minds for good. Once that happens, we don’t forget everything we’ve learned along the way; instead, we take our hard-earned lessons and adapt them so that they apply to the medium we love best.

Today, watercolor is my passion. I love the way it handles, whether I’m painting on wet or dry paper, and I love its transparency and quirkiness. But my previous work in acrylics taught me to appreciate the rich, textured surfaces possible in that medium. Likewise, my collage work taught me the joy of juxtaposing various shapes, textures and patterns in an abstract piece.

I wondered, is it possible to translate textures and patterns found most often in acrylic and collage paintings to work in transparent watercolor? I set out recently to find the answer and the result was my “Party Paper” series of paintings.

To follow along as Carol Z. Brody shares her simple process (and the secret to adding painted patterns or sprayed textures to watercolor paintings) pick up your copy of the February 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist.

Mix and match different techniques in your watercolor paintings. Try using screens or fabric to introduce patterns and textures to your work. Send a JPEG (with a resolution of 72 dpi) of your painting to us at with “Creativity Workshop” in the subject line and tell us about your process. The “editor’s choice” will receive Land, Sea & Sky, a collection of 40 articles from world-class artists in searchable CD format. The deadline for entry is February 12, 2012. Happy painting!




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