Creativity Workshop: Mix and Match Responses

Have you been chomping at the bit to find out who painted his or her way to our latest prize? In the February 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, Carol Z. Brody challenged painters to mix and match various techniques and textures in their watermedia paintings. (Click here to read an excerpt of the article online.) We’re now pleased to announce that the “editors’ choice” and the winner of our prize is Joyce Heuman of Cortez, Colorado, for her painting, Blue Heron Habitat (featured above).

Heuman shared these thoughts regarding the painting process: “I created this painting of a heron searching for his or her food in the marshes, by first wetting the entire paper. Then I began flooding it with color. For my marsh, I added textural materials of lace, mesh, packing material, string, cellophane, and I even have a button imprint in there. Some were applied directly onto the wet color and others were dipped into the paint directly and then imprinted onto the paper. I set all of that aside to dry and applied the heron last in the space I had left clear of texture. My interest in working with found materials has been an interesting and fun journey for me. Even when I take my walks on my six acres of land, I will occasionally come across an interesting modern artifact or wood piece and use it in my paintings. It’s a wonderful way to recycle! Thanks for including this ‘Creativity Workshop’ in your latest issue of Watercolor Artist Magazine.”

Heuman will receive a copy of Land, Sea & Sky, a collection of 40 articles from world-class artists in searchable CD format (click here to order your own copy!). Congratulations to our winner and to all those who entered their work! For details about the next Creativity Workshop challenge, or to learn how to enter your work for a chance to win the prize, click here.

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