The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #10

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1 You can also stand for one
5 Paint containers
9 Hot-blooded
10 Fantastic, like Dalí’s work
11 Light purple
12 Paris landmark and favorite of artists: ___ Dame Cathedral
14 Where to find the original Tate Gallery
16 “A tempest in a ___”
19 Tools used by sculptors
21 Science dealing with light and vision
24 ___ red is a vibrant red
25 A white primer
26 Thin piece of fired clay used in a mosaic
27 Egypt is also known as “The Land of the ___”

1 Make a print
2 Like Chagall, or 17 Down’s first wife
3 Blue that’s fit for a king?
4 Painted on location: 2 words
6 Artist’s representative
7 Liquids like turpentine that can dissolve other substances
8 One of the secondary colors
13 Dürer famed for his woodcuts
15 Pearl source
17 An original Cubist
18 Cornell who dabbled in shadow boxes
20 Nature morte, or ___ life
22 A kind of lily
23 Frightens (or, animals familiar to landscapists)

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