The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #14

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1 He painted his mother and other women, too
5 ___-free paper is the choice of many artists
9 Goya’s homeland (though he later fled to France)
10 Feminist artist Judy ___ (or, where the Art Institute is found)
11 Between the foreground and background is the ___ ground
12 Deep pink
14 Day for amateur painters?
16 He played Michelangelo in the celebrated 1965 film The Agony and the Ecstasy
19 Artist’s support
21 Unsealed
24 Subjects for Cezanne (his went suitless, though)
25 Patron
26 Very pale brown
27 Portraits may require several, or sometimes many, of these

1 Thin application of paint
2 Like Leonardo or Michelangelo
3 Softened, ___ down
4 Engraver
6 Preside over a meeting (or, something for Vincent to paint)
7 Scribbling
8 Group
13 Put together
15 Not awake
17 Vincent’s brother, ___ ___ Gogh
18 Dwarf tree
20 A companion of Bacchus and Pan
22 The Ashcan School was otherwise known as “The ___”
23 Vases

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