The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #15

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1 Wood of American Gothic fame
4 Home of the DIA, also known as Motor City
8 ___ and downs
9 Watercolor, in Provence
10 Mount
11 Bridget Riley is known for her ___ ___
13 Shiny
15 Jackson Pollock painted with them
18 Instructor
19 A French painter of still life
21 Noted art critic Clement ___
23 Jacques-Louis David is called a ___classical painter
24 John Singer ___
25 Sticky substance used in varnish

1 Cutting with a chisel, or swindling
2 Helper
3 Crown
4 Filling a brush with one color, then tipping it with a second is called ___-loading
5 Produce: 2 words
6 Texas tea
7 Handle
12 Some are happy, some not
14 Surreal
16 Dusk
17 Highlight
18 Roman attire often depicted by David
20 Tool for boring holes
22 A souvenir from Van Gogh?

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