The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #16

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1 “Grandma” of art
4 Assembled art
8 Title conferred on the artist Joshua Reynolds
9 Piero della ___
10 Noted sculptor and painter Giacometti
11 Greatly disturbed
13 Maureen Bloomfield is ___ of The Artist’s Magazine
15 Teaches
18 Chic, or in ___
19 O’Keeffe
21 Partitioned
23 India is one
24 Used for bathing as well as painting
25 Blade used to scratch lines in watercolor

1 “The medium is the ___”
2 One means of applying paint
3 Less toxic
4 Drawing stick
5 Protective coating
6 Stomach muscles, briefly
7 Precise
12 Photographer wed to 19 Across
14 The French call it a vernissage
16 More severe
17 Representatives
18 Urns
20 More surreal
22 ___-Magnon man was an early artist

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