The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #7

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1 Artistic
5 Rip
9 A ___ life consists of inanimate objects
10 French painter Henri de Toulouse-____
11 ___ paper is thin and translucent
12 Sat for an artist
14 The father of famed actor Robert ___ ___ was a noted abstract expressionist
16 Jim ___ gave us the Muppets
19 Support for an unfinished canvas
21 Disney’s mouse
24 Thick application of paint
25 The right-hand page
26 Test
27 His mother sat for a famous portrait

1 Form in a mold
2 Number of prints pulled from a plate
3 They are used in mosaics
4 Some artists paint on it, though it is considered kitsch
6 The currency of France and Italy today
7 Appearing to go back from the observer
8 Lilac
13 Glue, for one
15 Delight in
17 Template
18 Unwrinkled
20 Brown-colored pigment
22 Twists
23 A famous Durer woodcut, The ___ Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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