The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #9

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1 A happy ___ is a pleasing but unplanned result
5 Front surface
9 Robert ___ was a founder of the Ashcan School
10 ___ paper is transparent and used for copying
11 A metal sculptor must also be a skilled ___
12 Japanese comics
14 Green film that forms over bronze and copper with time
16 Home of the Impressionists
19 Arch
21 Grants
24 Orderly
25 Religious images, often painted on wood
26 Nickname of ill-fated portraitist Amedeo Modigliani
27 Stained

1 Pulsate
2 An idea
3 Unoriginal, cut and ___ (or, no longer wet)
4 It’s still life to us, but ___ morte to the French
6 Oriental
7 Etcher
8 Tool used in stone carving
13 Band of colors, as seen in a rainbow
15 Embroiderer’s tool
17 Site of MOMA and other celebrated galleries
18 Artist’s quarters
20 Stiff
22 Chateaus line this French river
23 Second-hand

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