Editor’s Journal

What are your reasons for not exploring your creativity? Do you feel that you don’t have enough time or do you say, “I can’t draw a straight line”? Or do you boldly confess, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”? As the editor of The Artist’s Magazine, I feel as if I’ve heard all the excuses from friends and acquaintances as to why they’re not using their creative potential. And I must say, I’m guilty of stating more than a few of these myself in defending my own artistic pursuits (or lack thereof).

But I believe that we all have creativity in us. We just need to know how to better tap into it. And we need to tap into it with the limited amount of time that we all have in our hectic lives. That’s why I put together this magazine, in fact. For the Artist’s Sketchbook is designed to help you discover the artist within you.

Now I’m not misguided enough to claim that with this magazine you’ll be able to paint like Monet or sketch like Michelangelo. In fact, I’m not going to show or tell you how to paint a pretty picture at all (although painting one may be a nice side benefit). What I will tell you is how to enjoy the process of making art of all sorts. And how to enhance your life with art. By simply taking the time to peruse some of the information you’ll find in the following pages, you’ll find some tools for helping you discover what makes you tick artistically.

If nature inspires you, check out “A Walk in the Woods”. In it, you’ll discover easy tips for sketching and photographing nature. Or if you’d like to try a more social form of art, look at “Creating With Friends”. There, you’ll see how to plan a creative get-together where you can hang out with friends and try your hand at making a mosaic tile paving stone. If traveling fuels your creative fire like it does mine, turn to “Sketching Your Travels” and discover some easy tips for enhancing your vacation journal with sketches. And if you prefer to stay closer to home, in “A Quiet Place” you’ll find tips on how to set up a space that gets you thinking creatively.

Taking time for art doesn’t have to be a big part of your already busy day. In fact, there are a variety of ways&#151both big and small&#151that you can add art to your life. For instance, on the next page Tera Leigh shows and tells how she uses a Polaroid camera to record the happenings of her day. For an even more simple solution for adding creativity to your life, take inspiration from the following: One of my co-workers uses markers to draw posters celebrating fellow employees’ birthdays and other special occasions. They’re great and everyone looks forward to receiving one. And one of my friends makes his wife’s lunch and tucks in small drawings.

There are so many options for incorporating creativity into your life. I hope you’ll be inspired to try some of the ideas we present here, as well as some of your own. And since this is our first issue of Artist’s Sketchbook, please take a moment to let us know what you think. Have we inspired you to create? If so, how and what? E-mail your comments to us at tamedit@fwpubs.com. Or write us at 1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati OH 45207. We appreciate your input.

In the meantime, stop making excuses. Give art a try. Like exercise, I think you’ll enjoy the results you achieve if you take the time.

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