Embrace Your Inner Child

To help keep yourself in a creative spirit, let the child in you play occasionally. Doing this may help you break through the daily grind, and rediscover the joy of making art for fun.

  • Put down the brush and paint with your fingers.
  • Paint with only one bright color.
  • Paint the bananas blue and the apples purple.
  • Draw with only a box of crayons.
  • Draw, doodle or write something every day.
  • Create your own family refrigerator gallery.
  • Spatter and pour paint on canvas.
  • Color an entire coloring book and hang your favorites on the fridge.
  • Forget what other adults will say about your art—show it only to your kids.
  • Create a large abstract. Don’t plan it out—just start laying down paint.
  • Frame and hang your work in your home.
  • Turn up the music and paint what you hear.
  • Have an art show in your house for just your family or friends. Serve cheese and soda.

David Tutwiler of Beverly Shores, Indiana, is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America.

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