Every Artist Needs Change to Inspire Growth

Hello again!

Relaxing in Florida always unleashes my creativity.

Relaxing in Florida always unleashes my creativity.

I don’t know about you, but it seems as if 2013 barely existed! What happened? The time went by so quickly, that now that I’m back in Florida for the season, it seems as if I never left. Where does the time go? I know I accomplished something in this year, because I now see the artwork I did for my classes here. Without the art to document my existence, I would likely completely lose all sense of time.

They say that it’s actually a good thing when you lose your sense of time. It means that you’re relaxed, and it’s a sign that you’re doing something that you love. Only drudgery seems to drag on and last forever. If you have true passion for something, and are totally in love with what you do, you never feel like you are at a job. My students say that I’m one of the only people they know who has about eight careers, but never goes to work. They’re right. I’m a lucky girl indeed!

When in Florida, I draw what's around me. A change of scenery means a change in art!

When in Florida, I draw what’s around me. A change of scenery means a change in art!

This change of location is much needed for me. For one, it gives me a great environment in which to write, and I’m just as much of a writer as I am an artist. As I write this blog for you, I’m remembering the bitter cold I left behind in the Midwest and listening to the warm morning rain as I sit on my front porch. What a wonderful sound. This is where I do my best writing, so coming here is always exciting, for it stands for creativity, and really getting something accomplished. If you’re feeling less than inspired, change your routine. Even if you can’t relocate, try sitting in a different area of the same room. Just a different view can unlock your brain!

This is my grandson Gavyn, and it's a sneak preview from my new book. You'll be able to draw clothing like this, too!

This is my grandson Gavyn, and it’s a sneak preview from my new book. You’ll be able to draw clothing like this, too!

Right now, I’m working on a book deadline, so it’s good that I’m here. The new book, Drawing the Clothed Figure, is coming along very nicely. I’ll share some sneak previews with you as I bring it to its final conclusion, so check back here weekly! It’s due in May, so I’ll be working on it the whole time I’m here (as well as teaching at the Rookery Bay Reserve. The info is here if you’d like to join me!).

Few people understand the process of writing a book. When I start, I never really know what my book is going to eventually look like. I do things a little differently than some authors (imagine that!). Once I know the topic of the book, I just start drawing the illustrations I want, and then put them in a pile. Once I feel like I’ve properly covered the subject with good artwork, I then divide the pile of art into sections. Those then become chapters. Then, I view the pieces that I think would be good for step-by-step exercises for you, and create those. If there are any holes in the chapters, of things that need to be explained better, I create more stuff. Once that’s done, I start the layout pages, which to me, is the hardest part, because we have to fit everything in a specific page format, which isn’t easy. Ironically, with my last book, Animals in Nature, my first attempt at layout ended up exactly to the page count. I was stunned. I’m hoping for a similar experience this time. You’d think after more than 30 books, I would have it figured out, huh?

So, I need to go work on the book, my friends. Thank you for joining me here, and allowing me to do this blog with you. Come back next week, and I will share with you what I have accomplished. Remember that everything I do, is for you.

Bye for now!

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