Find Your Inner Muse and Learn How to Draw Portraits From Photographs

When you walk into an art show, what makes one piece the star of the show?

What’s the magic ingredient that moves your art from a blah, ho-hum drawing, to a masterpiece that reaches out and GRABS the right patrons?

In my new home study course, Puppies & Kids – Turn Your Family Photos into Art, you’ll discover magic methods that expert artists use for drawing portraits from photographs, taking their art beyond the photo to create stunning masterpieces that walk away with top awards and lucrative commissions.

Click here to sign up for a FREE webinar on August 25, 2015 at 1:00 EST, where I’ll give you a sneak peek inside that course on drawing from photographs. Even if you can’t attend live, sign up and we’ll send a link to the replay.

Until then, allow yourself to wander into the story that inspired the drawing shown below. See how it will speak to you.

"Puppy Love" by Sandra Angelo, how to draw portraits from photos |

Art from the Heart: A chance encounter that inspired “Puppy Love”
by Sandra Angelo

We allowed three hours for a 37-mile trip from the Lake District in the UK to Lancaster. It was a straight shot, but between driving on the left side, a stick shift, no GPS and a huge traffic accident, we missed our train.

Our prepaid tickets cost $87 but the fee for the next train would be bumped to $250 unless we found a gracious clerk. I did.

Quite frazzled, we settled in for the short train ride from Lancaster to London. My companion slept while I perused the Beatrix Potter biography I just bought at her gallery in Hawkshead. Spending a whole day in Potter’s inspiring presence, my brain was now thinking in stories.

Suddenly I heard it. A guttural sob came from several rows ahead and the cries kept coming. Was it a baby, a pig, a dog? I had never heard such sad sounds but I knew the creature was in trouble. As I made my way down the aisle, I saw him. A terrified puppy was literally sobbing, not barking or whining; sobbing. He had just been plucked from his mama’s warm breast and the siblings that kept his farm world safe. He didn’t know his plight and he was terrified of this giant noisy train.

A tender mother smiled back at me when she saw my furrowed brow. She gently pulled the shaking puppy from the cavernous carrier, wrapping him in a soft blanket. Her gentle hand tried to sooth him.
“He’ll be fine in three stops,” she reassured me. “Two wildly excited little boys are prancing back and forth at the train station, waiting for the dog who will become their best forever friend.”

I heard Beatrix Potter spinning this story to my muse and my pencils had to speak. Out came my phone camera, but the pitiful photos had backlighting and didn’t do the scene justice. Still I had to capture the tale that I would’ve missed had I caught the “right” train.

When I got back to the USA, I dove into my “I want to draw this someday” file and found a few photos that could be combined. It took quite a bit of doing, using various expert tricks and shortcuts. Finally I arrived at a drawing that speaks to those who have felt the blush of first love, when they met a new best friend who will share their life.

In my new course “Turn Your Family Photos into Art,” I teach you how to access that muse deep inside, and equip her with the Masters’ secrets so that you can go beyond your family photos and create masterpieces that speak. Learn how to draw a picture from a photo in this webinar, where I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal:

  1. What to leave in and what to leave out
  2. How to combine photos for better art
  3. How to go beyond the photo
  4. 7 Secrets Masters use to compose award-winning art
  5. Insider tips: Masters’ methods on how to draw portraits from photographs–make a graphite drawing look way better than the photo
  6. Projects that teach techniques: How to draw fur, how to draw eyes, how to draw hair, how to draw faces and more.
  7. BONUS Colored Pencil Lesson: my Magic Grisaille Method

I just got back from one week in the UK and a week in France, where I visited the studios of the world’s top Masters and soaked up the talent in the world’s finest art museums. You will get an exciting peek inside those European Masters’ minds and studios so you too can discover how to use these methods to turn your own moments into masterpieces. Maybe at the next art show, your drawing will be the star creating the buzz.

Click here to join our FREE webinar on drawing from photographs, August 25, 1:00 p.m. EST. Sign up even if you can’t attend live–we’ll send you the link to the replay!

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