Friday Pastel Pick of the Week | Travel to China With Alan Flattmann

Artist Alan Flattmann usually conducts one international workshop every year, but this year—in addition to a 10-day workshop in Tuscany—the artist is conducting a painting workshop in late October in Suzhou, China, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its city canals and elaborate gardens. “The workshop offers a unique opportunity to paint exotic Asian settings on site,” Flattmann said in a recent e-newsletter, “and to experience firsthand the charm of Chinese culture.”


Houseboat at Tiger Hill
(pastel on granular board, 14 x 18) by Alan Flattmann

Flattmann traveled last fall to Suzhou as part of an international delegation of artists for the 1st China (Suzhou) Biennial International Pastel Art Exhibition (read more here), and was invited to return in 2015 for a solo exhibition and workshop.

“The workshop is designed to help beginners and advanced artists conquer the challenges of plein air painting and portrait painting from models,” he writes. “Each day there will be excursions to various sites for painting and sketching. Two studio days will also be devoted to portrait and figurative painting of Chinese characters.”

  • For more information and a pdf brochure, visit Flattmann’s website at
  • To read more about the 1st China (Suzhou) International Pastel Art Exhibition, check out the report by artist and exhibition organizer, Isabelle V. Lim, in the new April issue of Pastel Journal, which also includes the annual Pastel 100 showcase of winning pastels.
  • Read Pastel Society of America president Jimmy Wright’s travelogue about his trip to China, where he visited with two of the country’s leading master pastelists, Master Li TieShu of Beijing and Master Hang MingShi of Suzhou. Visit and click on “PSA Goes to China” for a pdf download.


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