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Are you familiar with this book? Since it came out recently, I have personally been very inspired by this book by Swirly girl, Christine Mason Miller, and my sincere hope is that in the weeks to come, Desire to Inspire inspires you are as well.

























Here at CreateMixedMedia, we’ve been busy organizing something that I’m very excited to loop you in on, and it’s going to be announced officially in a couple of weeks. (Sorry to be a tease. . .)

But today, I’m here to let you in on a different fun project I just learned about last week that is also related to Christine’s book—more specifically, the concept of an Inspiration Deck.  Jessica Brogan, owner of the blog In Search of Dessert, is hosting an Inspiration Deck Swap through her blog, and you can get all the details here. I’m a big fan of living in the moment, and also I’m a big believer of the power of setting positive intentions. I even have an app on my phone to help remind me to pause and think positively throughout the day. So, naturally, I was excited at the chance to participate in Jessica’s swap.

Jessica mentioned to me that Desire to Inspire has been very serendipitous in her life. As she put it, “I read it in one evening, and I immediately wrote a blog post about my thoughts on the book. It truly felt as if it was the book I needed to read, right now.” It was shortly after that, that Jessica decided to help bring some inspiration to others by organizing this swap that encourages this type of positive thinking. Christine is also participating in the swap and you can read her blog post about it here.

For the deck I created for the swap, I started with bistol board and layered on brown fabric ink and drops of watercolor. I then stenciled with white paint and trimmed the paper to playing card size (2.5” x 3.5”). (I also rounded the corners.)









From there I stained some typing paper with tea and printed out my weekly affirmations onto the paper.









Finally, I adhered the individual affirmations to the cards and added some shading to each with a pencil.










The idea behind this art swap is that you send in your finished deck of cards—each with a word or phrase that inspires positivity—and Jessica makes up new decks of cards, putting many different peoples’ cards in each deck and she then sends a finished deck back to you. This means you’ll have one new inspiring affirmation per week for one year! Sound fun? Jessica has extended the deadline to sign up to participate until February 20th. All decks must be mailed to Jessica (she’ll let you know where if you decide to sign up) by March 1st. I hope this post inspires you to sign up and if you do sign up, I hope I get back one of your cards, and you get one of mine!

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