New, Free Issue of Inspired, a Digital Magazine for Artists

Today’s guest editors are Kelly Kane and Anne Hevener, sharing news about the newest issue of the free digital magazine, Inspired (Spring 2013).

Inspired Letter from the Editors

Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it a heightened sense of hope and new beginnings. We hope you’ll find much among these pages to help you refresh your artistic passion.

La Rose Blanche by Christy Kinard

La Rose Blanche (mixed media, 48×48) by Christy Kinard is featured on the cover of the Spring 2013 issue of Inspired.

Looking for a spark of creative inspiration? Then take some time to ponder the fun, yet thought-provoking, questions in “Artist, Know Thyself,” and reinvigorate your art–and your life–with a lightness of spirit.

Spring cleaning your studio? Gather those tossed-aside bits and bobs­–paper scraps, nature walk finds, half-squeezed tubes of acrylic and more–and experiment with abandon. In “The Lost Is Found,” mixed-media artist Donna Watson shares how she uses ephemera, nature and acrylics to create collages with a Zen aesthetic.

Ready to stop and smell the roses … or, more likely this time of year, the hyacinths and lily of the valley? A talented crop of artists offer a bountiful bouquet of floral paintings in our online gallery, along with their tips and techniques for creating beautiful blooms.

As you embrace all that this season of rebirth has to offer, may you find inspired ways to bring a breath of fresh air to all of your creative endeavors.–Kelly Kane and Anne Hevener

Take advantage of this incredible eMagazine–it’s completely free! I remember when I saw the first issue of Inspired, and immediately picked up my own sketchbook. I had a sneak peek at this issue in its beginning stages, and couldn’t wait to see the final magazine, complete with embedded videos and convenient links. Check it out, and use the comments section below to share your thoughts with us!


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