Happy Thanksgiving!

This may be a stretch as an art-related topic for the blog, but as a
writer, I certainly consider words to be an important artistic tool. With that in mind, I’d like to share with you my favorite new website: www.freerice.com. A sister site of the world poverty site, Poverty.com, Free Rice tests your English vocabulary and, with every correct answer, sets aside grains of rice for hungry people around the world. Think of it: You can improve your vocabulary with an addictive online game and help stop world hunger at the same time!

So, as our minds turn to feasting this week, perhaps this will be one way to “give back” to those less fortuntate. If nothing else, now you have something to do while you wait for that turkey to come out of the oven!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Monte

    Good afternoon. America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week.
    I am from Liechtenstein and also now teach English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "The places I do manage to kind of like are either for older preschoolers or have a wait list I should have gotten on when I was pregnant."

    Thank you so much for your future answers ;-). Monte.