Have Pastels, Will Travel

Anasazi Spiritland 9x12 SW .jpgPlein air artist Reif Erikson has traveled the world to paint a variety of masterful pastel landscapes. On his website, you’ll find a world map
where you, too, can “travel” the globe to link to galleries of his
artwork. Jump from California to Hawaii, then to England and China, and
on, to see the results of his plein air experiences.

In the new October issue of The Pastel Journal, we introduced a new column, “Painting Spot,” in which pastel painters share a favorite plein air location and corresponding painting. For this issue, I invited Erikson to write about his recent painting excursion to Canyon de Chelley
in northern Arizona, where he travelled into the canyon on horseback to experience the
beauty and mystery of a place once home to an ancient Anasazi
community. You’ll see his piece, Cloud Dancing 9x12 SW .jpgSensuous Desert, in the article, but he produced a number of inspired pastels on the trip, such as Anasazi Spiritland (top; pastel, 9×12) and Clouds Dancing (pastel, 9×12).

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