Inktober Doodle Art Inspiration | Win a Free Sketchbook and More

Have you been drawing every day? It’s not too late to join the #InkTober challenge, and ArtistsNetwork is here to encourage you to commit to it. Recently, I decided to let the season inspire me, so I grabbed my nearest sketchbook and pen (scroll down to see how you can win a mini-kit!) and went to work.

As we all know, starting with a big, blank sheet of paper can be intimidating. I used a smaller sketchbook/art journal to begin with, so I made my empty sheet of paper even more inviting by dividing it into four sections. Doing this can also make your goal of drawing every day more attainable. Your drawing doesn’t have to be an 11×17 detailed piece of fine art that’s ready to sell. This is just for you, and it can be easier to start small.

Doodle art for #InkTober by Cherie Haas |

#InkTober inspiration |

InkTober was started by Jake Parker in 2009. Participate by sharing your work on social media with the hashtag #InkTober.

While I love to view art that’s realistic, drawing Zen doodles is more my personal style. For this drawing, I chose a leaf as my subject. Specifically, it’s from my favorite tree, the sweetgum. I used a pencil to draw the outline within one of the sections of my sketchbook page, then drew the main veins within the leaf. After that, I drew simple doodle lines in the remaining sections. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish. That’s doable every day, right?

Since I recently learned more about how to paint with watercolor, I couldn’t resist getting out a round paintbrush and my watercolor set. I painted the leaf veins with the most amount of ink, then used a clean brush that was full of water to gently pull the color out to the edges of the leaf. Fortunately, I took a photo of the line drawing before adding color, because now I can’t decide which I like best. Either way, it was a fun exercise for InkTober, and I hope it inspires you in some way to spend a few minutes making art. I might use the three remaining sections on my page to draw more leaves or nature-inspired doodle art.

One thing’s for sure: It helps to have resources on hand to refer to and learn from. Before I picked up my pen, for example, I flipped through Zen Doodle Workshop magazine. Just browsing through the art helped get my gears turning.

But now for the fun part. You want to win a free sketchbook and pen, right? Here’s what you need to do: Comment on this blog post below and simply tell us about the last thing that you drew. We’ll choose a random winner* who will receive the following:
• Sakura(R) Pigma Micron .08 pen
• Handbook Travelogue Journal (5.5×8.25)
Zen Doodle Workshop (magazine)
• Chameleon Tone Changing Marker Set

Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on. I’m sure it will inspire all of us!

Happy drawing,
Cherie Haas, online editor
*Winner will be chosen October 21, 2015. Must be a U.S. resident due to international contest rules and regulations.
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176 thoughts on “Inktober Doodle Art Inspiration | Win a Free Sketchbook and More

  1. rklier

    A self-portrait. I’ve been trying to draw faces so they are noticeable as a person- I’m the one I’m most familiar with so I thought I’d start there!

    1. barryg239

      A preliminary drawing , that would be the “roadmap” for a watercolor painting.Although, in this instance I’m drawing from one of my photographs, I trying to only transfer ideas to the “sketch”, and then not refer to the original photo thereafter. Whatever lights and and darks are stated in the sketch will now be transferred to the painting.


  2. sjsmith

    The most recent thing I’ve drawn was a quickie (ten minute) marker drawing of “Dusty,” the plane from Disney’s “Planes” movie. A likeness was hanging from my daughter’s light fixture as part of my grandson’s birthday celebration (5 years!) . He was next to me abstract painting, trying to absorb both his art and mine (he is autistic and art is one love we share). Afterward, my daughter looked at my drawing and said, “Did you do that just now? I mean, I know you did, but I’m always amazed.” It made me smile, and grateful I can share such fun with my grandson!

    1. letystalent15

      I am a patrol officer, when I am walking, I always find something that inspires me to draw, a leaf, a brick, a tree, a design, etc. Last sketch was a leaf and then I drew designs on it and copied to make a card.

  3. Monkeygurrl19

    The last thing I drew was a portrait of myself. Lately I’ve been down and not drawing as much as I hoped to be and noticed I was being negative towards myself. I saw picture listing 100 days of drawing and the first one was a portrait of yourself so I picked a picture I thought to be not so great and drew myself. Which I have never done a portrait of myself before, didn’t feel so confident. But as I just kept drawing I started to see something and a light just clicked on. I started to feel allot more confident in myself and my drawing, I think it’s simple but portrays and says allot about the drawing. It’s a new start, I’ve been through allot lately and it’s that little light that keeps me going.

    1. kathy320

      The last thing I drew was my husband’s work bag. He won’t stop leaving it in the middle of the floor, and drawing it made for a MUCH happier evening than moving it or fussing about it! It has a lot of soft, curvy lines, and the leather reflects the light in interesting ways.

  4. Athena

    I drew on the cover of a small canson paper pad which is going to be my first ‘art journal’. I found color pencils and crayons that have been in storage for years, now finally getting some use. I drew colorful letterings and some embellishments. It is to mark the beginning of my art journaling journey, which I tell myself that it’s ok to create time and space for me to play and be alive.

  5. Gamflin2day

    I sketched a giraffe in my journal, then tore up pieces of a leopard patterned gift bag into random pieces and made a collage of it; used Faber Castell artist pen (black) for the eyes and nose and mouth. Creating is like therapy, I lose all track of time and forget all about the stress of my workday.

  6. sharlene_c

    The last thing i drew was the first thing i drew 🙂 A freehand lady face and figure with zentangle hair. Now i’m hooked! Would love to learn to sketch realistic portraits and landscapes but seems zen doodle is easier for me however I’m going to try some realistic ones as soon as time permits.


      the last thing I drew was a cubist face. It was a sketch to plan out how to draw things with code on the computer. Even with a computer I like to use good old pen and paper to do preliminary sketches and layouts.

    1. Judith Andrews

      I scribble a line on a small pad according to how I feel at the moment. Then I may turn that piece around until something catches my imagination and I place an eye, a hand, a tail, a hat, a shoe, and keep going. In the end I have completed a 5 minute “monster” that I may or may not work on at another time to a more finished creature. It keeps my pencil to the paper, and my materials travel with me at all times so I can catch those surprise moments when you might have to wait somewhere for something. I have amassed hundreds of “moments” some even have labels.

  7. LollyWollyDoodles

    I am making an effort to sketch something every day. The last thing I sketched was from a photo I took in Greece, a Greek police officer directing pedestrians to make way for the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.

  8. gtomei

    3 hours ago I made 2 quick sketches of Napoleon’s hat which has a tricky shape to draw. It will be used in a satirical painting, a cuckoo bird pops from hat’s front which I will place on a caricature of a certain president who is a disaster…and is depicted as an egg ( Humpty Dumpty)…what else ?

  9. Patricia Q

    Often draw from my car while waiting for my grandson and the most recent sketch was of an office building landscaped with beautiful trees. The roof of the building was composed of red tiles…my favorite!

  10. JudeNZ

    A recent trip to Christchurch (in New Zealand) inspired me to sketch 3 beautiful old heritage houses on the banks of the Avon River which winds its way through the city. Includes the river plus an old interesting gate. Will later become a watercolour painting.

    1. Jsheehy

      I recently spent a week on Monhegan Island, Maine an artists paradise. I am only beginning but I drew some of the bluffs and trees on the waters edge. Pulpit rock was a favorite. I look forward to many more days of drawing from the pictures I took while there, especially the sunsets.

  11. Jen E

    Stick People!
    I teach Advertising & Graphic Design at a local community college. Recently started my discussion on the use of line as an element of design by talking about how children intuitively start drawing stick people in the beginning and how they still get used for cartoons such as XKCD. Students were rolling their eyes at me.
    Not 2 weeks later, Broadcast Production came to us with a series of storyboard images they wanted from our students for their students to animate, and — you guessed it — they wanted stick figures 😉 So I had to draw out a demo series first to give them an idea what “the client” was requesting.

  12. Persimmonpulp

    My most recent sketch was a doodle while talking on the phone, but I’ve been sketching out faces while watching TV with my girls, and coloring in a mandala coloring book.

  13. Stan

    Great idea to use a small sketch book and then to divide even that into framed quadrants. I recently used the idea to real-quick-sketch a dozen characters in a food court.

  14. AmyWilenius

    Last thing I drew was poison ivy vines. My husband got poison ivy, again!!!! He doesn’t know what it looks like so I drew it for him and he’s good to go.he’s good to go. He looked at my drawing and said “So that’s what it looks like, I see that vine all over.” Lol!

  15. LFriedl

    I’ve been using a photo of Isamu Noguchi’s “California Scenario” outdoor sculpture as inspiration for a drawing. i’ve been planning it using the Pencil app on my iPad but plan to work on paper soon.

  16. gatorlana

    The last thing I drew was a triple portrait of a vet student and his two beautiful black labs who were aging and both tragically died while he was a school. The drawing is a prep for a watercolor painting.

  17. Rain

    The last thing I drew was 66 silver tiny little snowflakes on a a 12 x 14 Bristol board. The snowflakes were used to separate all of the holidays that I could find (found 55 of them!) from all over the world that span from the beginning of December to the end of January. I hand scripted all of these holidays in a Pigma Brush pen in 23 lines. I created this for a Christmas / Holiday greeting card competition. A couple were thrown in to see if anyone will actually be reading all the names 😉 ‘Hogswatch’ (Harry Potter) and a Dr. Who holiday name too.

  18. Ginigin

    What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for inspiration to sketch and reminder that it can be done quickly and fit into a busy schedule. The last thing I drew was a sketch of two gashapon figures in my planner, which had become a sketchbook of sorts.

  19. Christina M

    I had taken a picture of one of the roses from my red valentine climbing rose bush I’d planted in my front yard a few years back. With all the rain we had earlier this year the blooms have been beautiful. I used the picture I’d taken not long ago to draw a picture of the rose.