Join the Debate: Rock or Rap While You Paint?

Have you noticed what’s going on over at the Pastel Pointer’s blog? Our friend Richard McKinley is stirring up quite a debate with his Name Your Tune post. Visitors are encouraged to share their favorite painting songs.

Lately, our household is partial to Andrew Bird’s new album Noble Beast. It’s complex but it doesn’t intrude upon our work. Plus, it’s beautiful, rich songwriting.

What’s in your playlist?

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3 thoughts on “Join the Debate: Rock or Rap While You Paint?

  1. Jane Frederick

    Lately my favorite to paint by is an album called "Enthusiasms & Lamentations" solo acoustic guitar pieces by Ron Bucknam. It’s very relaxing and yet inspiring. Beautiful.

  2. Carol Preston

    Hey: A little bit of everything is my tune. I particularly like movie tunes as thy are varied and many are soothing. Seal and Kenny Loggins are some of my favorite musicians.

  3. jessica

    I’ve been on a Ray LaMontagne/Sigur Rós bender. Ray’s gentle, raspy voice shines through in his mellow tunes, and anything by Sigur Rós is great meditative work music.