Learn to Draw FACES… like Nita Draut!



Learn to Draw Faces Fast… like Nita!


Anyone Can Learn to Draw Faces

Nita Draut always wanted to draw but she thought you had to be born with talent… until she saw this in a college catalog:

No Talent? No Problem! Anyone can learn to draw FAST

Nita Draut snuck in the back of my class not even sure she’d be allowed to stay. At  the break she pulled me aside and timidly revealed her weak sketches.

She didn’t realize that she was talking to a fairy art mother!

I specialize in working with people whose art is so pitiful it never even made it to their own mom’s fridge!

Amazing portrait by Nita Draut

Oriental Girl by Nita Draut c 2008

You see, a long time ago, I stumbled on an amazingly fast system that is almost like magic.

My daily 30 minute lessons are plain English and if you follow my system, in a few  weeks, you’ll stare at your paper in amazement, like Nita did.  You won’t believe you just drew that.

Starting at age 70, Nita’s work was like stick figures. Before long she was so good that her art was claiming top awards. Nita was featured on TV, in magazines, DVDs, and even on the cover of a book.

Now at age 85, Nita has completed more than 500 lifelike portraits.

Click here to see Nita’s art http://www.NitaDrautGallery.com

Come meet this Art Icon!

Learn to draw faces like Nita

Friday, May 20, 5:30-7:30 pm

Seven Oaks Community Center 16789 Bernardo Oaks Drive San Diego, CA, 92128

RSVP Sandra@SandraANGELO.com

Public invited

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