Maggie Price Workshop Diary: Plein Air Indoors

The sun doesn’t always shine, even in sunny Spain, and contrary to the saying, the rain in Spain may fall in the mountains as well as on the plains.

We were scheduled to have a day trip to the nearby village of Alpandeire, but the clouds loomed and the forecast was not encouraging. Knowing we’d have no shelter there in an open plaza, our group of 15 artists and companions elected to stay indoors here at the hotel. While the non-painters enjoyed the library and video collections, the painters scattered upstairs and downstairs and throughout the halls.

Painting from life is good indoors as well as out, and there were so many subjects here in the hotel and just outside the windows that none of us lacked for inspiration. Our group painted stairways, still life compositions of dried flowers in vases, chestnuts from the trees in the valley, and views of the buildings and streets from windows and terraces.

We had a lovely lunch served in the hotel, and at the end of the day as we watched the rain come down, none of us felt we’d missed a thing.

Tomorrow the sun’s supposed to shine and we’re going to Zahara in Cadiz Province. It should be another wonderful day.

(Photos of paintings:  Copper Bowl, by Janette Dickerson; Looking Up, by Len Slesick; Reflections, by LaDonna Escamilla. Photo of painter: Len Slesick working on one of his hanging plant studies.)

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One thought on “Maggie Price Workshop Diary: Plein Air Indoors

  1. David

    Ivan and I were quite pleased that the artists found subject in and around the hotel on those rainy days. Who knew that the hotel was so chock full of painting subjects…. just perfect to keep inspired artists occupied when their outdoor subjects were just out of reach. We do aim to please here at Hotel Bandolero, even when we don’t know we are doing it.

    All those artists gave me some inspiration to give pastels a try for the first time when Maggie’s second round of artists turned up in mid-October. Thanks for that inspiration Maggie!! Keep the artists coming! David