Manic for Mandalas

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We’re manic for Mandalas and hope you’ll join in the fun. On Tuesday, February 24 at 1pm-2pm EST join this FREE Artists Network Online Event with Tiffany Lovering. There will be tons of tangles with Tiffany. She will share some tangling tips and give you a preview into her new Artist’s Network University course, Mandalas for Beginners and a peek into some of her video workshops.

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Check out Tiffany’s video workshops:

Tiffany Lovering Mandalas

Mandalas for Beginners with Tiffany Lovering

Mandalas for Beginners

In this brand new course, Mandalas for Beginners, you’ll go manic for mandalas. You will learn the basic technique of creating symmetrical mandalas with great designs and fun colors.

Throughout this four-week course, Tiffany will teach you how to create unique mandala templates, how to create tangle patterns in the mandala, and how to perfectly shade your mandala with complementary colors.

By the end of the course, you will create a unique, ready-to-frame 6″ mandala. Plus you’ll have a new understanding of mandalas and tools to create many more handcrafted mandalas on your own. You can take this course in the comfort of your own home, with step-by-step video instruction from Tiffany each of the four weeks. Mandalas for Beginners is designed for artists with little experience with Mandalas and who want to learn a new creative art form.

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Enjoy other tangle Artist’s Network University courses with Tiffany

How to start tangling

Beginning the Art of Tangling with Tiffany Lovering

In the Artist’s Network University course, Beginning the Art Tanglingyou will learn the relaxing art of tangling. In this four-week course, you will learn 30 unique tangle patterns and you will start with beginner techniques and patterns then advance to intermediate level tangling.

In addition to trendy tangles, you will learn the best use of color and shading in the tangles to create beautiful art. By the end of this four-week tangle tango with Tiffany, you will create an 8×10 piece of tangle art ready to frame and display. Learn a new art form and relax with yoga for the mind, start tangling today! Register here!

Advanced Tangle Patterns

Advanced Tangle Techniques with Tiffany Lovering

After you master the beginnings of tangling, you can advance to Advanced Tangle TechniquesIn this exciting class you will learn intermediate and advanced tangle techniques. Learn to create your own unique tangle patterns. Learn 10 of Tiffany’s advanced tangle patterns exclusive only to this course, practice advanced shading and coloring techniques, and learn tricks for blending Sharpies. Step-up your tangles with the tools you’ll learn from Advanced Tangle Techniques.  Register for Advanced Tangle Techniques today!

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