Mary Cassatt and Me

I may as well admit now that I’ve developed somewhat of a Mary Cassatt obsession. (It happens to the best of us, right?) In any case, that’s why I can’t help returning to the theme of news regarding her work. I’m posting this admittedly kind of sappy YouTube tribute to the artist’s paintings of mothers with children as a segway into the news of a recent Cassatt sale: is reporting that Cassatt’s pastel painting, Mother With Child, is among four major works of art purchased by The High Museum of Art for its permanent collection. Other paintings include the oil painting Snowscape with Cows, Montfoucault, by Camille Pissarro; the oil painting The Breakfast, by Pierre Bonnard; and the painting on paper Villa les Écluses, St. Jacut, Brittany, by Édouard Vuillard. Good company indeed. From

The new acquisitions were purchased from the estate of longtime Atlanta
resident Kathryn Welch Hartzog. … Beginning on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, and running through August 17, the four new works will be on view at the High as part of a special permanent collection installation of eight works titled “Cassatt, Pissarro, Bonnard, Vuillard: New Acquisitions for the Collection.” The four new works will be displayed with another Cassatt pastel, which was gifted by Jacqueline and Matt Friedlander in 2005; a Cassatt oil painting; and two Vuillard pastels, which were given by Mrs. Hartzog in 1992.

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2 thoughts on “Mary Cassatt and Me

  1. Robin Maria Pedrero


    I must say again I am really enjoying this blog and so glad I signed up to receive it on Feedblitz. I saved the tribute as a YOU TUBE favorite and reflect on how our works will be viewed by future generations. I think about our ability as artists to communicate by creating works of art that simply inspire us. No messages of grandeur or controversy just our human nature to love.