Mimi Jensen’s Week at the Met

Mimi Jensen, a finalist in our 2012 (29th) Annual Art Competition, recently set out on a very special art excursion. This wasn’t just any trip to any gallery—the enthusiastic Jensen flew across the country with her husband to devote an entire week to touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an experience of a lifetime. Here she talks about her trip. —Cherie

“My husband (an archeology buff) and I used to speak of the thrill it’d be to spend an entire week, all day every day, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We finally made it happen. That week was, and continues to be, a highlight of my artistic life. Each morning we walked across Central Park to the Met where, once inside, we parted ways—he to the antiquities, I to the paintings and drawings—and at the end of the day we shared with each other the highlights of our browsing. Twice I made side trips to the Museum of Modern Art, which was an additional visual feast. From morning until closing I looked, studied, absorbed and then looked again at paintings, by myself, at my own pace, uninterrupted by time constraints. It was an enormous luxury of time devoted to something I love.

Mimi Jensen, Fine Artist

After Jensen returned home to San Francisco, she began a series of Met-inspired still life paintings that she calls ‘A Week at the Met.’ Visit www.mimijensen.com to view these works and more.

When I first considered this endeavor, I wondered if I could possibly limit my days to the Met and MoMA to the exclusion of everything else New York City has to offer, but it was perfect, and even a week wasn’t enough. I long to do it again, and I will, perhaps in another city. We all harbor goals and dreams, and it’s particularly gratifying when we make them happen.”

An exhibition of Jensen’s latest still life paintings opens at Hespe Gallery, San Francisco, May 2013.

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