Pastel Confessions

confessions.jpgWhile trolling around the web today for art news and ruminations (as I am wont to do), I realized I was due for a visit to Maggie Price’s site. After all, she’s a TPJ co-founder and a regular contributor to both the blog and the magazine and we just love her. Those of you who are wondering what Maggie has been up to lately can visit her site and find out about her recent painting trip to Spain, or the tricks she sometimes plays on herself to get back into the studio, or the workshops she’s teaching. But of interest to me today is her recent work as the editor of Confessions of a Brush Peddler, an autobiography by Jack Richeson. From what we hear, it’s a real page turner, and we’re anxious to get our copy here at TPJ world headquarters.

Here’s Maggie’s blurb on the book:

Maggie Price is the editor of Confessions of a Brush Peddler,
an autobiography by Jack Richeson. From his humble beginnings on the
streets of Chicago to positions of power and influence, Jack Richeson
chronicles his own growing-up years along with the growth of an
industry. It’s a history of a way of life that’s vanished–of changes
that eliminated entire professions, illustrators, graphic artists,
layout specialists and typographers. And it’s a fascinating account of
the gritty streets of Chicago and a tough little Irish kid who fought
his way out of the slums and up the corporate ladder. Anyone who was
even peripherally involved in commercial, graphic or fine arts in the
last fifty years will find this an interesting record; anyone who just
likes a good story about the battles and triumphs of life will enjoy it
as well.

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