Pastel Fashionistas Seeking Inspiration, Seek No More

Those of you who delight in manipulating source photography with Photoshop for inspiration, might get a kick (so terribly sorry for the pun, by the way) out of these botanical shoes. Photographer and digital artist Michel Tcherevkoff has published a collection of them in the aptly named Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy. He crafts them out of numerous photographs of a single plant or flower and then gives them quippy little names. (I love how Miss Tress’ pink fronds trail as though the boot is in a furious hurry.)

We challenge you to create some fantasy botanicals of your own. Use your computer—or a pair of scissors—to cut and re-arrange photographs of plants until you have a recognizable form. Then use the image to plan and paint your creation. Complete the circle by taking a digital photo of your painting and sending it our way: We’ll proudly post it on the blog.

(Thanks to Chris at TAM for the tip.)

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