Pastel Pick of the Week | The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley

In his 40-plus years of experience painting the landscape, Richard McKinley has hauled his painting gear uphill, downhill, through woods, over fences, along roadsides and everywhere in between to capture the essence of a scene en plein air in pastel or oil. He has been to locations far and wide to conduct this artistic enterprise—from the California coast and the American Southwest to the hillsides of Tuscany and the Loire Valley of France—but much of the artist’s work has been done near his home in the beautiful Rogue River Valley of Oregon.

Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinleyFor me, the most compelling aspect of McKinley’s work, however, is the fact that the specific location that inspired a painting isn’t an essential point. As a viewer, you recognize that his true subject is not so much the place—the particular field or hillside or winding waterway—but the poetry of the trees, the beauty of the morning light, the tapestry of color, and the captivating textures of the landscape.

In his new 208-page, hardcover book, The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley, McKinley offers commentary on his methods and motives, and the creative process behind more than 100 of his favorite paintings in pastel and oil. As someone who has taught painting almost as long as he has practiced it, McKinley’s observations are not only insightful, but also clear and actionable ideas that you can put into practice yourself.

Richard McKinley plein air painting

In my decades-long career as an editor and writer in the art world, McKinley stands out as one of the most generous artists I have ever met. Not content to simply produce his own body of work, he has dedicated his career to sharing what he has learned—propelling many other aspiring painters to develop and express their own creative gifts. This book is just one more example of his benevolent art spirit.

This deluxe edition book of landscape inspiration is available for pre-order at Pick up your copy today and enjoy a special price of $34.35 (regular retail price is $49.99).


Opalescence (plein air, pastel, 12×16) by Richard McKinley





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