Pastel Workshop in Scotland: Day Three

maggieblog11.jpgWe are three days into the workshop in Scotland sponsored by Jack Richeson & Co. Our group is based in the village of Blair Atholl in Perthshire, just into the Highlands and in the center of the country. Day trips have taken us to Glamis Castle (home of the late Queen Mother), to the village of Kenmore and to a wild valley in the Highlands called the Sma’ Glen.

I’ve enjoyed every location, so far my favorite is the Sma’ Glen. It’s
the first time I’ve been in the Highlands when the heather is in full
bloom—a wonderful experience. Yet it’s a painting challenge, too; the
warm purples and roses of the heather-covered hills want to come
forward in the painting, while the artist wants to keep them in the

maggieblog21.jpgThere’s nothing like being on the spot to capture the
colors, the feel and the excitement of the location. Photos just don’t
do justice to subtle variations like the colors on the underneath arch
of a bridge or the incredible variety of greens covering the hills.

Tomorrow we will paint at Blair Castle
here in our home village, which features not just the castle and
beautiful gardens but wooded areas and a wild stream. No shortage of
painting subjects—in fact, I believe I could happily paint for a month
just within walking distance of the hotel! 
—Maggie Price

Our guest blogger, Maggie Price, will be posting here from time to time over the next month with news from her pastel journeys abroad.

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