Pastels Go Public

The Richard L. Nelson Gallery at the University of California Davis, in collaboration with the City of Davis, California, recently challenged Jahns1.jpgits local artists with a public arts project, “Temp Work,” based on what they’d do with public spaces if given free rein. Diana Jahns was one of seven artists given the opportunity to have her work, Red Willow and Sedge (soft pastel on rag board, 72×90, on six 38×30-panels) on display at the former police substation, near the historic Southern Pacific Amtrak Depot, through June 30. It’s such a simple, but powerful concept: Put moving art in a Jahns2.jpgplace that gets the public moving.

But it won’t be off the walls for long thereafter. Jahns just learned that her vibrant orchard has been accepted for exhibition in “Landscapes: Rural and Urban Realities” at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, Calif., which runs July 7-Sept. 30.

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3 thoughts on “Pastels Go Public

  1. jessica

    Here’s a response from the artist, Diana Jahns:
    The piece is unframed, but could easily be framed. The size would require very large framing however, so I don’t intend to frame it unless I should receive an inquiry.

  2. Diana Jahns

    Renny Pritikin, Director of the Nelson Gallery, really is the force behind this project. He is making an impact in our area since taking over direction of the Nelson Gallery a couple of years ago. There is no doubt he will leave his mark on the region (northern California).