Showstoppers: Masters of Pastel

Three cheers for Jim and Nathalie Peterson, owners of the Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, Ore., for their eagerness to represent and champion pastel artists. And this June, the gallery will be hosting what looks to be a knock-out group show focused on the medium.
“Masters of Pastel” will open Friday, June 4, with pastel work from the following pastel artists: Lorenzo Chavez, Dawn Emerson, Dan Chen, Norma Holmes, Fran Kievet, Joey VanBlokland, and Richard McKinley. Enjoy a preview of a few of these sensational pastel idols:

Church At Canoncito (pastel, 18×14) by
Lorenzo Chavez

“Often I approach a landscape with design in mind.  I simplify natural forms into abstract shapes.  I’m inspired by the contrast of light and dark, warm and cool, and the two seasons coming together.”


The Camel Trader (pastel, 17×24) by Dawn Emerson
“Pastels felt familiar to me the first time I used them.  It is a powerful yet humbling medium of expression.  Direct and immediate, it requires no preparation or drying, which suits my rather impulsive nature.” 


Bright Blue
(pastel, 32×24) by Joey VanBlokland

“There is beauty in the simple distance sometimes the horizon is a
spectacular white mountain, sometimes a blue line that becomes the
sky. To me, painting is about my intimate relationship with places.”


Old Sentinels (pastel, 16×12) by Richard McKinley
“My goal is to capture a piece of the spontaneous dance of light across the palette of nature. Working on location forces me to get in touch with the moment.” 

How many of you are quickly putting Oregon onto your list of summer road trips?! Yup.


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