Taking Art to the Streets

If you were amazed by the painting you saw in the "Art Matters" article (The Pastel Journal, page 10, August 2007) about street-painter Jane Portaluppi Durand, feast your eyes upon these additional examples of her pastel-on-asphalt creations!

"Virgin in Prayer" by Sassoferrato, at the International Street Painting Festival, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy ’04, photo credit: Joseph Tedesco

"Girl with Basket of Fruit" by Lord F. Leighton, Santa Barbara, CA ’01, photo credit: J.Tedesco

Orig. composition based on painting by JW Godward, Santa Barbara, CA ’04

"The Virgin of the Grapes" by Pierre Mignard, Grazie di Curtatone, Italy ’05

"Odalisque" by Lord F. Leighton,Valencia, CA ’02

Orig. composition based on "St.Michael" by Raphael, Santa Barbara, CA 1999

Orig. composition based on "The Mask" by JD Court, Venetian Hotel Casino Resort, Las Vegas ’05

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