Surrounded by Spring

Spring descended upon the Ohio Valley yesterday with temperatures in the mid-70s and sunny skies—and it was Sunday! My family celebrated with an outing to one of our favorite hiking spots, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, north of Cincinnati in the small town of Yellow Springs, where we took in the beautiful trees, early wildflowers and waterfalls. But alas, today is Monday and I’m not quite ready to let go of my springtime revelry.

I did find one thing that is helping though: I just downloaded the new desktop wallpaper supplied by Pastel 100 award-winner Jerry Power. His sensational pastel landscape is called Springtime (above; 13×19), and you can get the same blooming scene on your desktop by clicking here. Other wallpaper choices include a pastel featuring lovely songbirds by artist Sandy Byers and another knock-out pastel portrait by David Wells—both artists are honorable mention award winners in the Pastel 100. To read more about the top Pastel 100 winners, read our online coverage here; or purchase the April issue, with complete coverage of all 100 winners, here.

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One thought on “Surrounded by Spring

  1. Carol Preston

    what a nice idea to have pastel paintings to look at! Good idea and a good way to jump start creativity. Sometimes a little incentive is the best push.
    Carol P