Tailor-Made Work Space

Motivated by cramped living quarters and a limited budget, I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive, space-saving ways to furnish my studio. That’s why I was thrilled to find an old sewing machine cabinet at a local thrift store. With a few minor adjustments and a fresh coat of stain, I was able to convert the cabinet into a useful-and attractive-painting station.

To start, I removed the small drawer in the front of the cabinet, turned it around and put it back so that the drawer faced outward creating a little shelf for pencils, erasers and other frequently used supplies.

To store tubes of paint and water containers, I fastened a sturdy crate in the space designed for a sewing machine. Alongside the crate, I slid a thin block of wood, in which I had drilled several different sized holes for holding my brushes. By placing a second crate underneath the cabinet, I also created space to keep paper and my pochade box.

Cost of materials: $15
Planning and labor: Two days
Unlimited painting enjoyment: Priceless

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