The New Frontier: Solar Powered Art

Language of the Birds 1web.jpg
Sometimes I just love browsing through press releases. It’s like combing the beach for nice shells. Here’s one that caught my eye–and imagination–today:

Language of the Birds
, a permanent site-specific sculpture by Brian Goggin with Dorka Keehn, will be installed mid-October, 2008 and unveiled at the beginning of November in San Francisco. It will be the first permanent solar-powered public art piece in the United States. The sculpture is a flock of 23 illuminated books, which appear to have just taken flight from the plaza. Appearing as though they’re in motion, the books have flown open creating various wing positions with the pages and bindings.

Each unique book is fabricated in frosted white translucent polycarbonate. These sculptural elements will be suspended from a geometric web of stainless steel aircraft cables. At night, LED lights encrusted in the books will create an array of unexpected visual patterns. Goggin and Keehn teamed up with scientist David Shearer and Lawrence Ferlengetti’s City Lights Books to power Language of the Birds with solar panels mounted on top of the iconic bookstore.

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