The Power of the Portrait

Animosity_36x63.jpgThe large-scale portraits of pastel artist Chin-Chen Hung (Animosity, shown here, is 36×63) make a huge statement. But it is not the size alone that supplies the power and magic. The artist manages a contemporary expression out of his deft handling of the pastel medium and a bold approach to composition.

Hung is one of the featured artists in our new June issue. In managing editor Sarah Strickley’s interview with the artist, she asked what it is that draws him to the human subject: “The human form,” Hung ssaid, “has been my main subject since I started painting. To me, the possibilities for creating refreshing and exciting figurative work are endless. I began painting portraits in 1998, right after I finished my first year of graduate study. At that time, I was trying to simplify the content of my figurative work. (From time to time, my figurative work transforms and becomes simpler in content.) Then the idea of challenging myself and creating a series of contemporary portraits was born. When people think of portraiture, they think of traditional portrait sittings. I’d like my portraits to look contemporary and still maintain their classical beauty.”

To read more of the interview, see our June issue. To see an extensive slideshow of the artist’s work, visit our website.

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