Too Busy To Be Creative?

We’ve culled advice from members of on working creative time into hectic schedules. Here’s a selection of our forum members’ suggestions:

  • Prioritize. Decide upon an amount of time, and perhaps even a time of day, for your creative endeavors. Then stick to your schedule.
  • Get organized. Having all the necessary tools—pencils, paintbrushes, sketchbooks, canvases—readily accessible could help increase your productivity during your scheduled painting time.
  • Get in the mood. Make your environment as muse-friendly as possible. If listening to the mellow sounds of Kenny G or Enya sparks your creative fire, then pipe the music through your iPod or stereo.
  • Try the buddy system. Anne Hevener, a forum member and The Pastel Journal’s editor, suggests getting together weekly with a friend for creative time or starting a group that meets regularly.

Check out Dana Schmidt’s article in its entirety in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Jan/Feb 2007 issue.

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