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Picture 1.pngThis is a good day to plan an evening “in.” So get yourself a cold drink and a bowl of popcorn, and tune in to your local PBS station for the first installment in a series called “The Power of Art.” Hosted by Simon Schama, professor of history and art history at Columbia University, the series will look at “8 artists, 8 stories, 8 masterpieces”—exploring in each episode how one artist and one work changed the way we look at art. In tonight’s episode, Schama explores the meaning and technique of Vincent van Gogh’s Wheatfield With Crows, and its impact on the course of modern art. Other artists in the series include Picasso, Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner and Rothko. Check your local listings! And if you watch, remember to come back here and share your comments!

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3 thoughts on “TV Worth Watching

  1. Giselle Beauchamp

    I watched the first episode with great interest and looking forward to the 7 other programs. Since I am currently reading Van Gogh’s Letters to his brother Theo, the program brought all his letters in perspective. Great in depth information to ponder as we toil down the artist’s pathway.

  2. Gert Martini

    I grew up with easy access to Van Gogh’s paintings.What a priviledge. Simon Schama does a tremendous job bringing us an insight into Van Gogh’ tortured life. I wish there had been more "flashes" of his other works. I know he was mostly concentrating on one work per artist, but viewers should make a real effort at seeing more of his works.

  3. Katherine Tyrrell

    Having already seen the series in the UK I can certainly recommend it. People may find the focus on one painting to be somewhat unusual – but it enables a more in-depth focus on how an individual work comes into being.